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2019: A new hiking season with new challenges…!

February 12th 2019

The Via Alpina: the great collection of long distance hiking trails in the Alps, of which the longest Trail runs through all eight Alpine countries, from Trieste in Italy to Monte Carlo, the Principality of Monaco. The Trails consist of 342 day stages in total.

Since 2011 there is the official website on the Via Alpina. Inspired by this project I started in early 2017 to develop the website “Pauline hikes” about the Via Alpina and hiking in the mountains in general. In the third year I can inform you that I am still enthusiastic about hiking – this year as well!

As for the years 2017 and 2018 I state for the year 2019: “The road is a destination“. Therefore I hope that this year as well, you, dear readers, would like to follow me on this journey!

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