Overview of the blogs posted until now

In the sidebar of this website an overview is given of the five blogs that are recently posted. Apart thereof the full list of all blogs posted is shown below in chronological order, starting with the most recent blog. Please click on the title of the blog and you will be guided to the blog you are looking for.


February 2023 (1)

February 19th 2023
2023: another year of hiking


August 2022 (2)

August 8th 2022
Sulden am Ortler: to the Hintergrathütte Hut with a view on the Ortler

August 10th 2022
Sulden am Ortler: a steep hike to the Düsseldorferhütte hut

March 2022 (1)

March 18th 2022
Sulden am Ortler: a joyful reunion in the snow!

January 2022 (1)

January 17th 2022
2022: a year of new possibilities!


January 2021 (1)

January 4th 2021
The year 2021: a fresh start!


February 2020 (1)

February 19th 2020
In the year 2020: a warm welcome!


October 2019 (3)

October 3rd 2019
Simplon Pass: Stage 6 of the Blue Trail of the Via Alpina (reverse) – part 1

October 2nd 2019
Eischoll: a walk through the village and along the Suonenweg

October 1st 2019
Bellwald: a part of Stage 94 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina?

September 2019 (7)

September 30th 2019
Blatten/Belalp: Stage 96 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina – part 1

September 29th 2019
Binn, Heiligkreuz: Stage 4 of the Blue Trail of the Via Alpina – part 1

September 28th 2019
From Andermatt to Brig: from the Reuss to the Rhône

September 27th 2019
Andermatt: the Höhenweg from Gütsch to the Oberalp pass

September 26th 2019
Andermatt: through the Schöllenen Gorge to Göschenen

September 23rd 2019
Zurich: through the city and to the Uetliberg mountain

September 21st 2019
Aarau: a stop-over in a beautiful old town

August 2019 (9)

August 17th 2019
Scuol: Stage 67 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina revisited – part 2

August 15th 2019
Sulden am Ortler: a hike towards the Marlt Madonna

August 13th 2019
Sulden am Ortler: to the source of the Suldenbach stream

August 12th 2019
Sulden am Ortler: a first acquintance

August 10th 2019
Mals and surroundings: to Laatsch, Glurns and the Tartscher Bichl Rock

August 9th 2019
Stilfs: Stage 69 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina – part 1

August 7th 2019
Laas: marble, the white gold from the mountains

August 5th 2019
The river Adige: from the source near Reschen to Bolzano

August 3rd 2019
München: a tour through town in one day and a half

June 2019 (8)

June 15th 2019
Scuol: Stage 67 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina revisited – part 1

June 13th 2019
Train journey from Küblis via Davos to Scuol

June 12th 2019
Dalvazza (GR): Room for the river Landquart

June 10th 2019
Gafia Valley near St. Antönien: Stage 62 of the Red Trail – part 1

June 9th 2019
Seewis i.P.: a hike amid the poet’s daffodils

June 7th 2019
Schaffhausen: over the river Rhine to the Rhine Falls

June 6th 2019
Friedrichshafen: war and peace at the Lake Constance

June 5th 2019
Through the Black Forest and at the Lake Constance

May 2019 (4)

May 7th 2019
Bled: from the Lake to the Vintgar Gorge

May 4th 2019
From Nova Gorica to Bled: by train through Slovenia

May 3rd 2019
Gorizia: walking in the city and hiking to the Monte Calvario

May 1st 2019
Basovizza: a remembrance of the Second World War

April 2019 (4)

April 30th 2019
Sistiana and Duino: Stages B3 (end) and B4 (part 1) of the Yellow Trail

April 28th 2019
Miramare: a romantic castle on the seaside

April 27th 2019
Walking through modern and Roman Trieste

April 25th 2019
Salzburg: a city of Baroque, music and nature

February 2019 (1)

February 16th 2019
A warm welcome!


September 2018 (11)

September 29th 2018
From the Engadin visiting Italy again

September 23rd 2018
St. Antönien: Stage 61 of the Red Trail

September 22nd  2018
Walk on the Saaser Alp above Klosters to Saas i.P.

September 21st 2018
From Wallis into Prättigau: through the Walser’s land

September 20th 2018
Visperterminen: a small village with a great panorama

September 19th 2018
Gampel/Steg: Stage 97 of the Red Trail – part 2

September 18th 2018
Near Brig: wellness and an old defensive wall

September 17th 2018
Ausserberg: Stage 97 of the Red Trail – part 1

September 16th 2018
Mund: Stage 96 of the Red Trail – part 2

September 15th 2018
Blatten: the “Alpabzug”, the festive descent of the cows

September 14th 2018
Brig, an 800-year old Alpine town

August 2018 (1)

August 3rd 2018
August 1st: the Swiss National Day

July 2018 (9)

July 31st 2018
A road trip to the Stilfserjoch Pass

July 30th 2018
The walled city of Glurns and the centuries-old watercourse, the “Bergwaal”

July 29th 2018
A walk from Mals across the Mals Heath to Burgeis

July 28th 2018
“A revair” Scuol and “Hoi Servus” Mals

July 27th 2018
School and time off in Scuol

July  22th 2018
A walk around Vnà in the Engadin

July 6th 2018
Nature and art in and around Scuol

July 2nd 2018
From St. Luc to Scuol: a journey through Switzerland

July 1st 2018
Hotel Weisshorn: an oasis of silence and space

June 2018 (6)

June 29th 2018
Leukerbad: Stage 98 of the Red Trail

June 27th 2018
The wild Dala and the calm thermal water – the power of water

June 26th 2018
Martagon lilies and a Celtic stone: a walk to Leuk

June 24th2018
Schwarenbach: Stage 99 of the Red Trail

June 23rd 2018
From the Rhine to the Rhône

June 11th 2018
In 2018 as well: Welcome!

May 2018 (10)

May 18th 2018
Gorizia and the First World War

May 17th 2018
Cormons: Stage B5 of the Yellow Trail – part 1

May 16th 2018
Gorizia: walking through the town

May 15th 2018
Prosecco: Stage B3 of the Yellow Trail – part 2 – and the Grotta Gigante

May 13th 2018
Opicina: Stage B3 of the Yellow Trail – part 1

May 12th 2018
Bagnoli della Rosandra: Stage B2 of the Yellow Trail

May 11th 2018
Muggia: Stage B1 of the Yellow Trail

May 10th 2018
A stroll through Trieste

May 8th 2018
Muggia: starting point of the Via Alpina

May 7th 2018
To Trieste by train: the path is also a goal!


September 2017 (6)

September 24th 2017
Val Clozza: the unknown valley near Scuol

September 22nd 2017
Prehistoric finds high above S-chanf

September 20th 2017
Progress: The Glarner Industrieweg

September 19th 2017
Adventurous hike through the snow

September 18th 2017
From Weisstannen to Elm, but not by foot…

September 17th 2017
Weisstannen and the magic of the Valley

July 2017 (6)

July 31th 2017
Vicospoprano (Val Bregaglia): works of art in the mountains…

July 29th 2017
Through the forest and over the mountain pass: a hike with a view

July 24th 2017
No more maps, but school books

July 23rd 2017
Old castles and good wine

July 22nd 2017
Through an idyllic valley …

July 21st 2017
The Green Trail

June 2017 (6)

June 17th 2017
A part of Silvretta … and a part of Stage R66

June 16th 2017
Daytrip to Zernez

June 14th 2017
Rain water and mineral water

June 13th 2017
Cows, gentians and panoramic views

June 12th 2017
Scuol-S-charl: Stage 67 of the Red Trail of the Via Alpina

June 1st 2017