About the hiker

My name is Pauline.

I was born in 1958 in Zürich, Switzerland. As soon as I opened my eyes I could see the Swiss Alps. I have always had a keen interest in these mountains, in all seasons of the year.

In this phase of my life I feel that I have got sufficient time and energy to get even more acquainted to the Alps in all their aspects. That’s why I have decided to travel in this impressive area and I think there is no better way of doing so than by hiking! In the years to come I will give an account of these hikes on this website. I will follow the Via Alpina. This notion does not only stand for a collection of long distance hikes through the Alps, but also for an organisation, and international treaty and a very elaborate and nicely designed website. I will work that aspect out on the page The Via Alpina.

Text and illustrations

The Via Alpina website is written in five languages: the four official languages spoken in the Alps region (German, French, Italian and Slovenian) and English. As I have discovered that the communication within the hiking project is also in English, I decided to write my blogs and the additional information in English and to make hyperlinks if necessary. In the English version of this website I have put a hyperlink to each of the original stages in the Via Alpina website in English. Furthermore I added other information that could be of interest. When I have written a blog on the stage I hiked I will also make a internal hyperlink to that blog.
If you are interested in the German version of this website, please click here: you will arrive at Via Alpina, Wandern in den Alpen. If you are interested in the Dutch version of this website, please click here: you will arrive at Via Alpina, Wandelen in de Alpen.

The illustrations are taken from various sources on the internet and from my private collection. Each illustration can be opened with one mouse click; it will appear in a new page. It can be closed by clicking on the arrow on the browser pointing to the left. Under each illustration the source (often abbreviated) is mentioned with a hyperlink to the relevant page on the internet, indicating the original writer or photographer. I assume in this way I have complied with the regulations on copyright. The header of my website is taken from pixabay.com: it is a panoramic view somewhere in the Southern Alps around Barcelonnette in the French département Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur).


The content of my blogs will fully be my responsibility: it reflects my personal opinions and observations. Of course I have tried my utmost to assure that the information in this website is accurate, I wish to point out that those who will use the information and put it into practise will be accountable for doing so. After all hiking in mountainous terrain and especially in the alpine regions such as the Alps caution is always required: considerable risks are involved in hiking. My personal guideline is: “Why should other people have to risk their lives to rescue me from a situation in which I have manoeuvred myself due to my own stupidity, lack of caution or recklessness?” For me the answer will be: “I cannot think of any valid reason…”