The Via Alpina website

All information on the Via Alpina hikes can be found in the website As English is one of the languages used in the official website, I can restrict myself to referring to the Via Alpina website. An elaborate site map is part of the website.

The Trails

The Red Trail is considered to be the backbone of the Via Alpina. It is the longest trail, consisting of 161 stages and passing through all eight countries in the Alps region: Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Monaco.  The Purple Trail consists of 66 stages through three countries: Slovenia, Austria and Germany. The Yellow Trail consists of 40 stages through three countries: Italy, Austria and Germany. The Green Trail runs in 14 stages through two countries: Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Blue Trail consists of 61 stages, running through three contries: Switzerland, Italy and France. Hikers can also create their own guidebook or combine some of the stages of different Trails.

More to know about the Via Alpina

The following hyperlinks will guide you to the relevant pages of the Via Alpina website.

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